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My Mission

My mission is simple- to make a positive difference to individuals, businesses, and society, while continuing to learn and grow.

My Story

With a background in Organisational Psychology, my career began as one of a management and business development professional. For years I utilised my understanding of the complexities of business & organisational development, behaviour, culture and context whilst working in the areas of programme, project and operations management, more specifically managing and coordinating complex, cross-functional, £multi-mil projects, my focus expanded toward supporting business and personal growth in a more directed way. The journey began when another one of my projects was drawing to a close, and I pondered the questions- ‘who am I?’ and ‘what do I want?’

It’s not until you really think about those questions that the complexity really strikes you. I decided that I wanted to be defined as more than just a job title. I wanted to be my own boss, and be defined by my relationships… by the difference that I made to others, through my achievements, the knowledge I shared and the support I offered.

I continue to consult with a select few visionary businesses, particularly during formation and growth stages, and reach each out and support more widely whilst also feeding my passion for writing, through my books, articles and posts.

My philanthropic interests are of exceptional importance to me, and among the projects in development are:
Problem Solver Central – A strategic hub for the global non-profit community, that offers a library of resources from experts in the sector, connects people and projects with networks of support, and allows for collaborative problem-solving on a global scale.
Powerhouse of Women Worldwide (POWW) – a global collaboration of women working toward meaningful positive local and global change, within a framework of support.
Future Creators – a project that links into POWW and focuses on global participation and incentivised problem-solving.

My non-profit interests are all in their developmental stages, and I would love to connect with others who are interested in becoming involved.


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“Time is an opportunity. What will you do with yours?” ~Noleen M

“Let your last complaint be your last complaint, and let everything be a lesson.” ~Noleen M

“Success is a balancing act between persevering toward our goals, and knowing when to let go of what no longer serves our purposes.” ~Noleen M

“Resolutions are empty unless you fill them with inspired action.” ~Noleen M

“I have free will. I make decisions, take action and live with the consequences- good or bad. Those results are my destiny… brought into play by free will.” ~Noleen M

“In your pursuit of success, think of the why. Success is but a means to an end.” ~Noleen M

“Every moment has the potential to be a defining one. It’s never too late to choose your moment.” ~Noleen M

“Success is a choice. It’s what happens when you choose not to dwell in the space of your failures, but instead to learn from them, adapt, and move forward.” ~Noleen M

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