Below are some recent testimonials:

“Noleen Mariappen is a rare individual. Her working knowledge of business matters spans a wide spectrum. Her passion for helping people is heartfelt. She also is insightful, bright and talented. I would not hesitate contacting her with your need or idea. ” – Dean Lebrutto, Co-Founder, Consultant, Coach, Broker and Team Member

“Noleen has been one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with and is a true partner.  Her organizational skills, persistence, and entrepreneurial ideas have been key in developing my business ventures.  She follows through on all tasks and in cases where things are delayed, she is quick to send an update and explain where the delay is and what she is doing to correct the problem.  As my businesses grow, she is definitely somebody I want to continue working with. “ Tom Coyle, Founder- Adventures in Leadership

“Our endeavor with her started early June 2015 . My company has a unique complex we are building in Maryland USA. She met with me. Started contacting on our behalf. Insured weekly progress reporting . And helped with what is now a Billion Dollar project, with signage and forward progress. Noleen’s enthusiasm, smart business savvy, and timing truly encompasses a winning environment for business. We are grateful for her assistance, and look forward to more business ventures inspired by her genius.”Graciela Blackstone, CEO Blackstone and Associates LLC

“Noleen’s personable and informative approach was a major asset for me when it came to writing and publishing my book. She helped me with reviewing additional profit streams, lead generation activities and what to expect at every stage, offering me sound and knowledgeable advice. With Noleen’s guidance I have felt more prepared than I ever could have and am thoroughly looking forward to working with her on all my forthcoming published works.”  – Stefan Poulos, Director at The Lemon & Thyme Partnership

“Noleen has been a vital part of the continued growth of MVP Loops…has provided us with some of the best analytical knowledge about how to grow our business since our inception…. She is a trusted ally to the MVP Loops brand, and indispensable to our agenda moving forward…”Donald Johnson, CEO/President of MVP Loops



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“In your pursuit of success, think of the why. Success is but a means to an end.” ~Noleen M

“Let your last complaint be your last complaint, and let everything be a lesson.” ~Noleen M

“Success is a balancing act between persevering toward our goals, and knowing when to let go of what no longer serves our purposes.” ~Noleen M

“I have free will. I make decisions, take action and live with the consequences- good or bad. Those results are my destiny… brought into play by free will.” ~Noleen M

“Success is a choice. It’s what happens when you choose not to dwell in the space of your failures, but instead to learn from them, adapt, and move forward.” ~Noleen M

“Resolutions are empty unless you fill them with inspired action.” ~Noleen M

“Time is an opportunity. What will you do with yours?” ~Noleen M

“Fill your life with people who at a mention, trigger good thoughts, and at a thought, trigger good feelings.” ~Noleen M

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