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The world of business can be challenging to navigate, but with the right advice, training, and support, you can radically increase your chances of success, while making the journey an enjoyable one! Whether you’re considering starting-up in business, have already begun your entrepreneurial journey, are an established company, or work with organisations/projects and need some strategic support, I can help. I’m passionate about business, love supporting people, and help businesses grow and expand, and know that together with my partners, networks, and the team of professionals that I collaborate with, that I can help you get the results you want!

Among the services I offer are business consulting, (specifically strategy, operations, marketing & branding, and investment acquisition & deal structuring), coaching & mentoring, public speaking & promotions, and training.

Some of the more specific areas that my consulting services assist with are:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Insights around Viability
  • Strategy Development
  • Review of Functions & Operations
  • Streamlining of Functions & Operations
  • Continuous Improvement Planning
  • Traction
  • Cost-Saving
  • Expansion Concepts
  • Marketing and Brand Positioning

My public speaking and training engagements tend to focus on business development, business-on-a-budget, motivation, the value of mentoring & coaching, entrepreneurship, social action, social integration, diversity awareness, and financial & general well-being.

FREE Consultation
If you’re unsure of whether any of the services are for you or not, but you are serious about taking the next step, then sign up for a free consultation. Depending on your circumstances, you’ll receive a free 1:1 coaching session, a review of training or support needs for your organisation/project, or my team and I will take you through a full contextual review, during which we’ll assess your business goals, strategy and operations. In all instances you’ll receive some free advice and a draft action plan.

Great Offers
I’ve also negotiated some great business development deals and marketing & branding packages with some of my partners, so be sure to check out my OFFERS page.


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“Every moment has the potential to be a defining one. It’s never too late to choose your moment.” ~Noleen M

“In your pursuit of success, think of the why. Success is but a means to an end.” ~Noleen M

“Let your last complaint be your last complaint, and let everything be a lesson.” ~Noleen M

“Time is an opportunity. What will you do with yours?” ~Noleen M

“Success is a balancing act between persevering toward our goals, and knowing when to let go of what no longer serves our purposes.” ~Noleen M

“Success is a choice. It’s what happens when you choose not to dwell in the space of your failures, but instead to learn from them, adapt, and move forward.” ~Noleen M

“Resolutions are empty unless you fill them with inspired action.” ~Noleen M

“Fill your life with people who at a mention, trigger good thoughts, and at a thought, trigger good feelings.” ~Noleen M

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