Training & Workshops

I spend some of my time developing and delivering training, and facilitating workshops. Most of these fall into the categories of business development, business-on-a-budget, motivation, mentoring, coaching, entrepreneurship, social action, social integration, diversity awareness, and financial & general well-being. I have organised learning and awareness initiatives to decrease social dissonance, with a view to social integration initiatives. This initiative was acknowledged at the launch of a report highlighting BME women’s experiences, at the Assembly by Minister Jane Hutt.

I’ve delivered training around conflict management through Amcan Training and Consultancy, and led on the training of community research apprentices in participatory methods of research and engagement. I was also one of the first members involved in developing a Social Action Programme with trans-national partners, that was piloted and rolled-out in the UK and is also being utilised by partner organisations on the Grundtvig programme in Bulgaria, Germany, France and Belgium. This programme was awarded a Gold Award by the European Union.

If you’d like to find out more about the training and workshop options that may suit you, your team or organisation, please feel free to get in touch.



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“Success is a choice. It’s what happens when you choose not to dwell in the space of your failures, but instead to learn from them, adapt, and move forward.” ~Noleen M

“I have free will. I make decisions, take action and live with the consequences- good or bad. Those results are my destiny… brought into play by free will.” ~Noleen M

“Resolutions are empty unless you fill them with inspired action.” ~Noleen M

“Success is a balancing act between persevering toward our goals, and knowing when to let go of what no longer serves our purposes.” ~Noleen M

“Fill your life with people who at a mention, trigger good thoughts, and at a thought, trigger good feelings.” ~Noleen M

“Time is an opportunity. What will you do with yours?” ~Noleen M

“Every moment has the potential to be a defining one. It’s never too late to choose your moment.” ~Noleen M

“In your pursuit of success, think of the why. Success is but a means to an end.” ~Noleen M

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